Do you have a Squeaky Garage Door?

Are you having a problem with a Squeaky Garage Door?

There are few things more infuriating in this world than a squeaky garage door. When you want to break into your normal routine, you shouldn’t have to expect a squeak to weasel it’s way into your routine. Thankfully if the problem ailing you is a squeaky garage door, then we have the answers to all of your problems!

Silence those Garage Door Squeaks!

Have you tried Lubrication? The number one reason why anything squeaks in a house is that it lacks proper lubrication. Whether you want to use the tried and true WD-40 or a different compound that might do the job as well, you need to spray all of the nuts, bolts, and hinges to make sure that machine is operating at peak levels!

Still noise? Tighten it up! Find your trusty wrench, go through and give all of the working parts a little squeeze. Make sure that they are all snugly set into the garage door! If you feel any that are moving too much, then you’ve probably found the guilty nut.

Squeaky Still? Better call us! If you still have a sound after the two fundamental ways of fixing a squeak, than odds are you need our help. Luckily for you, 911 Garage Door Services is here for you and your emergency. With our competitive prices and excellent service, we can fix any problem from the smallest squeaks to the biggest breaks.

911 Garage Door Services Jacksonville

911 Garage Door Services Jacksonville has been fixing squeaky garage doors and much more for many years. We are the best garage door repair company in Jacksonville, and if you ever find yourself in an emergency at your commercial or residential location, we will be there for you in record time. Just give us a call at (904) 706-0911!